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Unified Messaging On BSNL Mobile

The UMS (UNIFIED MESSAGING SERVICE) system can be categorized as per the below mentioned functionality:
  • Voice Mail Service (VMS)
  • FAX Message
  • E-Mail
  • E-Mail to Speech (ETS)


Using this feature, the voice mail can be send/received to/by other subscribers having this facility. The incoming voice message from the mailbox can be accessed as per following procedure:
  • Conditional divert can be given for the voice calls to the voice-mailbox no. i.e. 17000.
  • Whenever a voicemail is received in voice-mailbox, the subscriber will receive an SMS on his/her cell phone.
  • In order to retrieve messages from the voice-mailbox, dial 17000 from your mobile phone. Press '*' to skip the introduction part.
  • The message can be retrieved by following the voice menus thereafter.

The voice mailbox can be accessed on landline also as per below mentioned procedure:
In order to retrieve messages from your voice-mailbox by using landline phone, dial 9417017000 (which is the common access no.) followed by '#', then your own mobile no. and '#'. The system will prompt you for your password. The default password is 1234. Enter your password and follow the voice menus thereafter.


This feature will enable the subscriber to sent/receive fax message. The fax can be sent/received to/by the subscriber either through BSNL UMN account or using fax machine. The below mentioned procedure is to be adopted while sending or receiving the fax message on fax machine:
  • In order to deposit a FAX message, dial 9417017000 from a FAX machine followed by a '#' and the mobile no. of the person who is the intended recipient of the FAX. A part of the voice menu says " to add a FAX, press 3".Press 3 on your FAX machine and after the system prompts you to, press "START" on your FAX machine.
  • In order to retrieve a FAX message from your voice-mailbox, dial 9417017000 from a FAX machine. Then press '#' followed by your own mobile no. and '#'. The system prompts you for your password. Enter your password. The system tells you that you have so many new messages out of which so many are Voice/FAX/E-Mail messages. When you play a FAX message, first, system will announce the senders phone number and the time when the sender had deposited that Fax Message. Then the system will announce many option like to backup, to keep or to delete etc, You simply bypass these request by pressing '#', then the system prompts you to press " START " on your FAX machine.

E-Mail/SMS/FAX/Voice Message

This feature will enable the subscriber to send/receive E-mail/SMS/Fax/Voice messages. The subscriber has to get BSNL UMN account for this feature. The below mentioned procedure is to be adopted for sending/receiving the email.
  • Dial 1403 from WAP MS to connect to internet-login to the site (based on your location goto appropriate website i.e. in north, south, east and in west )
  • Logon to your BSNL UMN/S/E/W E-mail Account (using your mobile no. as the user login and 1234 as the password which is a default password).
    To receive e-mail: From WAP cellphone go to inbox then to email and the "view details" choose "body".
    To send email: For sending E-mail, SMS, FAX and Voice Messages from your UMN/S/E/W account, use the E-mail, SMS, FAX and Voice options as provided under the Compose Menu.
  • For retrieving :

    Voice messages
    To Listen/Deposit to your voice messages, the machine must have the multimedia capability.
    The different kinds of messages e.g. voice messages, FAX messages etc will be listed under the subject heading as soon as you logon to your E-mail account. Click on the voice message and the system will play it directly (if your machine supports the 'sbc' format). If your machine doesn't support the 'sbc' format, first convert the message into the 'wav' format using the icon provided on the right hand side. Then system will prompt you to save that attachment to your hard disk. After saving ,click on the wav file and the system will play it.
    FAX Messages
    The FAX message comes as an attachment in the TIFF format. Open the FAX message using an imaging program as for example the IMAGING on the Windows -NT.The first page will just give you the summary of the FAX message i.e. the total no. of pages in the FAX message, the no. from which the FAX message was sent etc. Then you can download the actual FAX message.

E-Mail to Speech (ETS)

This feature will enable the subscriber to receive the Email on the mobile phone .In order to listen E-mail messages from your voice mailbox, dial the No: 17000 from your mobile phone. Press * to skip the introduction part. The system prompt will say ' to listen E-mail message Press Option '4', thereafter ,follow the voice menus . The attachments along with Email cannot be listened from your voice mail box.