Internet Data Center- Infrastructure

Power Management
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - Each IDC UPS System :
  • N+1 redundancy on incoming power supply
  • Mains power supplied via 2 dedicated transformers
  • Power and cooling supported by up to 2MVA DG set with full time diesel tanks
  • Battery reserve of 15min
  • All Power circuits with one primary and one redundant circuit
  • Minimum N+1 central air conditioning system
  • Temperature in technical space maintained at 18-22ÂșC
  • Power and humidity range of 50% (+/-10%) within computing area
Fire Detection & Suppression
  • Analogue addressable fire detection system (smoke and heat )
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA)
  • FM200 gaseous fire suppression
  • CO2 gas extinguishers at strategic places
Water Leakage Protection
  • Separation of cooling equipment zone
  • Separation of water piping routes
  • Water leakage detectors
  • Water-proofing and water levees
Security Management
  • Physical Security
  • Minimum of keypad, card swipe, biometric and/or proximity type reading system, automatic door-closing devices.
  • Communications and Network-Level Security
  • Application-Level Security
  • Comprehensive Auditing & compliance
  • Network-based surveillance cameras and 24x7 recording