Internet Data Center- Managed IT Services

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It is a way of shifting day to day responsibilities of managing IT infrastructure in an efficient and more effective manner.

The primary focus of managed services is to enhance the efficiency of business management. This can be achieved by relegating repetitive or time-consuming functions and their management to a specialist.

At intense competitive world, organizations have challenges to manage increasing demands whereas the budgets are shrinking and technology needs reassessment due to complexity and obsolescence. So organizations needs:
  • Scalability of IT operations keeping in mind the growth of organization
  • IT Strategy to overcome organizations firefight with operation and maintenance
  • Always compliance with enhancement and innovation in IT world
  • Choosing a right partner for managing IT services is the matter of half battle won.

Managing number of platforms, applications from various vendors, security, compact tools and supporting expert is a mammoth kind of task. And it's expensive and full of risks too. Getting more people, better technologies may bring you illusionary relief, but if you're prominently searching for long-term peace of mind, speak to us.

  • Clients can use our expertise in managing servers, storage, security, database, backup and DR, capacity planning, facilities management, service desk operations and remote infrastructure management.
  • Any type of enrolment can be in an open and transparent way with a dedicated account manager providing a single point of contact and a personal commitment to successful outcomes.
  • Our skill set covers network engineering, business information systems combined with broad IT project management capabilities to ensure that your technology and business goals are achieved.

We are providing you absolute Zero-Stress IT managed services. Our managed infrastructure services span discrete network and desktop offerings, storage and security solutions, hosting and managed server services, Operating system, Servers, etc. Dedicated account manager ensures successful outcomes.
  • System Management
  • Storage management
  • Database management
  • Backup & DR management
  • Web/Application management
  • Network management
  • Managed secure infrastructure
  • Facilities management
  • Peace of mind (by giving managing responsibility to us)
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Supporting devices cost like Desktop, communication facility (phone), software licenses and its renewing, etc.
  • Facility cost (space, work station accessories, Air conditioning etc.)
  • Manpower cost (Hiring, Training, Salary, Perks etc.)
  • Other administrative and management cost
  • Enhances IT utility hence increases Return on Investment
  • Minimizes latency and provides greater efficiency
  • It will help Customer to predict cost and reduce capital investment hence to perform better financial planning
  • Reduce downtime in assistance for diagnosis and rectification by root cause analysis .