Internet Data Center- Managed Hosting

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It is a type of hosting in which the Customer leases an entire/ or part of server dedicated/ or shared with anyone. This is more efficient, client oriented and flexible. Here Customers are having full control over the servers and has choice of operating system, system configuration etc. Customers have to pay according to their requirement about system configurations. It can provide less overhead and a larger Return on Investment (ROI).

Our Managed hosting solutions are extensive range of services to host and manage infrastructure and application through royal banquet of hosting solutions. It provides a wide portfolio that can give you the solution you seek, especially when combined with BSNL IDC managed services.

  • Convenience: Stop worrying about the fundamental problems of buying and maintaining hardware, giving you the convenience of focusing on your business instead diverting your mind towards management of infrastructure management.
  • Control: Have control over the configuration, administration of your servers, choice of hardware etc.
  • Scalability: Customer can increase resources such as memory or storage etc.
  • Security: To protect your data security parameters can be tailored to Customer requirements. Customer can adopt multiple levels of security measures to safe and smooth operations.
  • Faster deployment of services
  • Vanishes threat of obsolescence
  • Rapid response (e.g. in matters of configuration etc.)

Let us Set up, Integrate, Manage and Monitor your server. Save your time and effort.

We procure, own, integrate, support, maintain and manage the IT assets you need. You have to pay for IT service as utility with full control over the configuration including the choice of operating system and system configurations. We will provide server administration as add on service.
  • Dedicated web servers, mail servers, application/database servers.
  • Customer controls data & applications.
  • Standardized by manufacturer (HP, Dell, SUN)
  • Internet-TCP/IP centric
  • Well secured Operating Systems (like Linux etc.)
  • No Capital Expenditure in case of shared webhosting
  • Solutions will be fully customized on Customer wish (Server specifications, Bandwidth or Managed Services)
  • World Class Datacenters with the state of the art infrastructure
  • Screaming fast connectivity with gigabit backbones
  • Customizable Plans
  • Backed by High availability SLA's
  • 24x7x365 technical support and monitoring
  • Full server and network management
  • OS patch management and up gradation (includes Linux and Microsoft)
  • Guaranteed SLA - providing our commitment to deliver to agreed service levels