FLPP (Fixed Line Pre-Paid Telephone)

FLPP (Fixed Line Pre-Paid)Service enables a subscriber to make calls from a prepaid account linked to his telephone number. Unlike the prepaid card 'ITC' service, where the authentication is done every time through a 16-digit PIN the authentication of FLPP is linked to his telephone line & the user is not required to dial the Account number/ PIN for authentication making it simpler to use.

Fixed Line Prepaid service offers:
  • Conversion of fixed line to Pre Paid and get rid of telephone bills.
  • Easy de-linking from telephone line when prepaid is not required on any number
  • No need to dial Account number/ PIN every time you make a call.
  • TD/ISD Facility
  • On Line balance enquiry
  • 'Follow on feature' on no reply, busy and called party release to dial another number for subscribers other than PCO.
  • Easy recharge and no problem of bills
  • Free Level 1 service like 100, 101, 102 etc. available.
  • Free Level 1 IN services which are free to end-customers like Free Phone etc. are available.

There can be four types of FLPP accounts namely
  • PCO FLPP Account
  • PCO Local FLPP Account
  • General FLPP Prepaid Account and
  • General FLPP Prepaid + Post paid Account.