NON-OYT Category :

Applications are registered under NON-OYT , on payment of initial deposit of Rs 500/- or Rs 2,000/- depending upon the type (rural or urban) & capacity of the exchange system. The deposits carry an interest for the period from the date of payment to the date of installation of telephone at the rate payable by the State Bank of India on Fixed Deposit for one year. Under Non-OYT category there are five schemes indicated below:

5. Non-OYT-G-SE-DoT:
  • The service employees of DoT and BSNL are eligible for registration and Non-OYT-G-SE-DoT category. The registrants under this category will be given priority for installation at par with registrants under non-OYT-SWS Category.
  • The facility is allowed only once during the entire service span of the employees.

Out of turn telephone connection to retired/retiring employees of DoT/BSNL:

Earlier DoT employees were allowed to out-of-turn allotment of Telephone in N-OYT-General category in private capacity at the place declared as Home Town in their service records (circular no. 16-60/92-PHA dated 1.3.1995)

Now it has been decided to waive off the condition of 'Home Town' from the above instruction. Now the employees of DoT and BSNL on their retirement, would be entitled for out of turn allotment of telephone in N-OYT-General category in private capacity at a place where the employees wish to settle after retirement provided the official has no telephone working in his/her name at that place. (No. 2-15/01-PHA dated 8.10.2001)