Permanent Non Special

NON-OYT Category :

Applications are registered under NON-OYT , on payment of initial deposit of Rs 500/- or Rs 2,000/- depending upon the type (rural or urban) & capacity of the exchange system. The deposits carry an interest for the period from the date of payment to the date of installation of telephone at the rate payable by the State Bank of India on Fixed Deposit for one year. Under Non-OYT category there are five schemes indicated below:

2. NON - OYT Special Scheme:

The following types of applicants are eligible for registration under this category:-

  • Doctors holding recognized degree or diploma in any approved system of Medicine or Surgery and registered with Medical Council.
  • Advocates on the role of bar Council
  • Judicial Officers
  • Qualified Nurses & Midwives.
  • Blind persons supported by a "Visually Blind" Certificate issued by CMO/MS Ophthalmic Surgeon of a District Level Government Hospital are also eligible for registration under this category. As a welfare measure 50% concession in rent and advance rental deposit is allowed to the blind person registered under this category.
  • News papers, journals & magazines registered with Registrar of newspapers
  • Registered News agencies.
  • Accredited press correspondents and press photographers.
  • Public Institutions (run by public funds and for the benefit of public), Govt. schools & colleges ,but not private schools and colleges. Political Parties recognized by the Election commission, Social Organizations & Mission Orphanages, Leper Houses, Public Hospitals, Registered Trade Unions, Co-op. Societies, Sports & cultural organizations.
  • Small Scale Industries
  • Eminent Public men
  • Legal Aid Committees
  • Naturopaths, Physiotherapists & Occupational Therapists
  • War widows & Disabled soldiers (No Registration and installation and half the normal rent) 100% exemption in rentals to Gallantry Award winners in three Defense Services and awardees of Presidents' Police Medal for Gallantry
  • Defense Personnel, Ex-Serviceman
  • Independent Student Hostels recognized by Central/State Government.

Note: All applicants eligible for booking under this category are also eligible for booking under OYT Special Scheme.