Telephone Concessions


Concessional Group Registration charges Rental charges Installation charges Remarks
Freedom Fighters NIL 50% of normal rentals NIL Same concession applicable to Widows of Freedom Fighters
Gallantry Award Winners NIL NIL NIL NIL
Awardees for President’s PoliceMedal for Gallantry NIL NIL NIL Same concession is applicable to the Widows of awardees of President's Police Medal for Gallantry who have been conferred the award posthumously
War Widows/ Disabled Soldiers NIL 50% of normal rentals NIL -
dows of Central Armed Police Forces(CAPFs),Assam Rifles(AR) and Central Police Organization (CPOs) NIL 50% of normal rentals NIL -
Blind Persons Full charges 50% of normal rentals Full charges 50% of Annual Advance Rental
Sr.Citizens NIL Full rentals Full charges Transferable in the name of spouse after death in General Category
Retired DoT employees NIL NIL  Full charges where actual installation is involved Free calls
Group A-1000 | Free calls
Group B- 500 | +admissible
Group C- 300 | to normal
Group D- 200 | subscribers
Serving DoT employees NIL NIL NIL Free calls as admissible to normal subscriber
Recognized Educational Institutions Full charges 75% of normal rentals Full charges Concession applicable on maximum 2 connections


Exemption in Security Deposit (ARD) for CICs

Security Deposit can be exempted for bulk demand of 5 or more new connections by Commercially Important Customers. In case there is a default in payment/ there is any abnormal calling pattern/ there is habitual delay in payment the requisite ARD can be levied. This scheme is applicable to bfone and Tarang connections only.