Global Satellite Phone Service (GSPS)

My phone is not getting switch on

• Check if the battery is inserted correctly.
• Check if the battery needs charging. Charging for 20 minutes should provide enough power to switch the phone on.
• If the battery does not charge it has probably exceeded its usage period and you will need to replace it with a new one. Buy your battery here.

My phone cannot make or receive calls

• Ensure the SIM card is inserted in the phone and is fully provisioned by BSNL.
• Check you have a valid GPS fix. See ‘Using your GPS location information’ on page 37 User Guide for more Information.
• Ensure the phone’s antenna is fully extended and you have a clear line of sight to the satellite. See ‘Connecting to the satellite on page 13 User Guidefor more information. A least two signal bars are required to make and receive calls.
• If you have less than two bars signal strength, rotate the phone and angle the antenna until the signal strength increases and you are able to make andreceive calls.

My phone cannot receive a text message

The phone can store a maximum of 20 messages in its memory. If the memory is full, delete a few texts to free up memory for new messages.See ‘Deleting messages’ on page 31 User Guide for more information

My phone continues to display Searching satellite

• Ensure your phone’s antenna is fully extended.
• Ensure your phone’s antenna is pointed towards the satellite. Press Help for onscreen guidance. Consult the Inmarsat Coverage map to ensure you are within coverage.
• Ensure there is a clear line of sight to the satellite with no obstacles which could block the signal. See Connecting to the satellite’ on page 13 UserGuide for more information.

My phone displays a language I do not understand

• Press the red key to return to the main screen
• Press the left selection key to go to the menu screen
• Press the centre selection key to open Settings
• Press the down navigation key twice to highlight the Language icon and press the centre selection key.
• Press the centre selection key and use the navigation keys to highlight the correct language and press the centre selection key again to change thephone’s language.

What should I do if I misplace or have my phone stolen?

• Contact BSNL Customer Care immediately on 1800-425-1957/0120-2755877 and will bar your service to prevent the phone being used.

Can I use my Satellite Phone overseas?

• The BSNL Inmarsat network has near-global coverage on land or at sea. Your BSNL Inmarsat satellite phone will operate at the standard rates with the Indian territory, and at international call rates outside of the Indian territory. Please refer to BSNL commercial plans for same.

What number should I dial for emergency services?

• Isat Phone 2 has an Alert Button feature at the top head of the UT (covered with red rubber).
• In the MMI menu, the User can configure, one number to call and Up to 10 numbers to send SMS text.
• When the Alert button is pressed, the phone will:
Automatically dial the emergency number that is already stored. The UT will also display the GPS location of the phone so the user can inform his/her geo-location.
Send SMS text message to the 10 numbers stored with content of Time Stamp, Latitude, and Longitude information.

Can I send SMS text messages?

• Yes, you can send and receive SMS messages.

My IsatPhone 2 keeps on turning off and then back on again. What do I do?

• If this is happening, there are a number of possible reasons. The IsatPhone 2 has extreme weather resistance features including an O-ring around the battery contacts. Sometimes the O-ring makes it hard to get the battery to seat against the electrical contacts. So, try removing the battery. Make sure it is clean. Then put it back into the phone and make sure to push down firmly.

Can Mobile handset be used for GSPS Service?

• No, mobile handset cannot be used for GSPS service as GSPS is satellite based service and must require Inmarsat satellite handset to have access of GSPS service in Indian territory.

How GSPS connection be availed?

• Contact BSNL Customer care number.

What is the procedure to avail the connection ?

• Contact BSNL Customer care number and check details at BSNL Portal.