BSNL Mobile - Postpaid


What is difference between cellular mobile and WLL mobile?

WLL mobile services are basic services whose operation is limited to an SDCA whereas cellular mobile services have roaming feature in all the GSM network.

Can we use WLL mobile handset for cellular mobile services also?

No. WLL mobile handset is operator specific whereas GSM handset is more versatile. GSM Handset can be used for getting services of any cellular operator operating with GSM technology by simply changing the SIM card

Is there any provision to get temporary/ casual cellular connection?

Yes. You can get excel Prepaid connection and use it as temporary /casual mobile connection

Why should I go for a BSNL Mobile Postpaid connection?

"For the simple reason that it has national coverage including major national & state Highways, voice clarity and cheaper services with no charges in fine print.

How do I avail a new BSNL Mobile Postpaid connection?

"New BSNL Mobile Postpaid connections are available through our mobile CSCs /dealer network in all cities covered with mobile services in UP (East), and, also through select customer service centers of your city."

What is the initial amount to be deposited for a new BSNL Mobile Postpaid connection?

For tariff details ,pl log on to our website "" 's service > mobile section.

What are the services available free of cost along with the connection?

"There are a host of services, features available free of cost and pre-activated like roaming, CLIP, call waiting/ call hold, voice mail etc."

How to get supplementary or additional value added services...

How to get supplementary or additional value added services to the existing cell-one connection?

"By filling and submitting the value added service application form at customer service center, where the original connection was taken"

With a local facility connection can I have roaming facility?

"No, for national roaming you need to have a minimum STD facility"

Whom should I contact for service related problems?

" For all service related problems our 24-hour help line number is 94000 24365.

What will be my billing cycle?

The billing period for all categories of BSNL Mobile Postpaid connection is monthly.