BSNL Broadband


What is BSNL Broadband Service?

Broadband is a data connection that is able to support interactive services including Internet access and has the capability of the minimum download speed of 2Mbps to an individual subscriber from the point of presence (POP) of the service provider intending to provide Broadband service.

What is ADSL?

ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is a technology that allows copper telephone pairs to be used to provide a broadband connection. It provides ‘always-on’ Internet connection that is automatically established once the PC and ADSL modem are switched on.

What is always-on? service? Will there be call charges?

Always-on means that the ADSL broadband sets up a permanent connection to the internet that lets you access the internet as soon as you switch on the computer and the modem. You do not need to dial up like when you are using a standard modem connection. There will be no call charges for Internet access but voice calls will be charged as before.

How fast is ADSL compared to normal dial-up, ISDN and DIAS connection?

If you are using a 2 Mbps broadband connection then you will be having a download speed which is 35 times faster than that of normal dial-up connection, about 16 times faster than that of ISDN connection and about 16 times faster than that of DIAS connection.

What are the benefits of ADSL?

o Fast downloads o Upto 140 times faster than dial-up connection o Always on connection o Telephone and Internet access can be used together o No telephone call charges o Cost effective way to access Internet o A host of free content on the web can be downloaded faster

Do I need a separate line for ADSL?

No. ADSL can run on your existing basic phone (Bfone) line. If you do not have a Bfone connection then you need to get one from BSNL before you can ask for an ADSL broadband connection.

Can I use both phone and ADSL together?

Yes. ADSL uses a different set of frequencies and does not interfere with telephone conversation. Conversely, making a phone call while accessing the Internet does not affect the speed of the ADSL connection.

How do I get the connection?

Fill up a registration form and deposit at BSNL customer centers. These forms are available on the BSNL web-site, from customer service centers and franchisees. You can also register online at BSNL website by filling a simple form. Click here to register online

What is a CPE? How do I get it?

CPE stands for Customer Premise Equipment. This consists of an ADSL modem/router and a stand-alone or a build in splitter to separate the telephone and broadband connections. There are three options for getting the CPE from BSNL. Option I - Free Modem (Available only With selected Plans subject to conditions). Option II - Outright Purchase from BSNL. Option III - On Rent.

What is a splitter? Do I need one?

If at your home/business, the same line is used for voice and data then you need to separate out these signals by using a splitter. The splitter will have one output for your telephone and one or more for the ADSL modem which in turn connects to your computer. This comes along with the modem that BSNL provides.