Cellular Services (General)


Does BSNL provides handset?

No.The handset has to be procured by the customer as per his choice from the market. For handset related queries refer the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.

Type of handset

Any standard GSM handset. At present services will be available in 900MHz range. In future 1800MHz range will also be available in major cities / towns.

What is a SIM card?

"A SIM card is nothing but a small pre-programmed chip, which is inserted into the mobile handset, and it contains subscriber information that facilitates interaction between the subscriber and the mobile network"

What should I do in case my SIM card/mobile phone is lost?

Please lodge a police complaint. Besides inform to customer care center 9415024365 immediately and submit your representation to the customer service centre where you have taken the connection with the proof of identity along with copy of FIR.

What is the procedure in case my SIM get blocked / locked?

"Generally the SIM get blocked due to wrong entry of PIN number thrice and wrong entry of PUK number 10 times. In this case the SIM card becomes irreparable. You may have to purchase a new one. In case SIM get locked / blocked, please contact customer care center 9415024365 for further guidance like providing PUK numbers."

Can we get user tutorial or help? How?

"New User Tutorial (NUT) is heard on the first time when user accesses the system. NUT can be replayed in future by dialing 888 from MS, press 8 for help once you enter in the mailbox"

How to make call to landline operator?

TO make a local call to a landline phone dial STD code of the place followed by the number you want to dial.

How to make calls to a pager operator?

Dial the local city code followed by the pager number you want to contact.

What is voice mail facility?

This service enables you to receive voice message when the cell phone is busy or switched off.

What are the common access codes for Voice Mail?

Common Access MSC code and 17000 (ex:9415017000) from DTMF PSTN phone. Direct Access: 17000 from mobile handset (MS).