I do not have any of my old bills with me. I need to know if any calls were made...

I do not have any of my old bills with me. I need to know if any calls were made or received from outside the Country?

Detailed bills can be obtained from the Telephone exchange wherein call records are shown.

What can I do,my phone bills are too high?

This is one of the most common complaints from our subscribers. Here are a few tips to keep your bills low. If you have STD facility: Use dynamic locking when not making STD calls. Also remember that 900 (premium service calls) are charged like STD calls. If you do not have STD facility: You can still use dynamic locking to bar outgoing calls. You have to ask for dynamic locking facility from your DE(Internal). Also remember that 95 calls (upto 200 km), are also available to subscribers without STD facility. These calls are charged at higher rates than local call. You can bar these calls in the same way as told above.

My friend says his phone is faulty, but when I ring his phone no. I get ring back tone. Why so?

Listening to ring back tone is not the same as ringing of the destination phone. In the present design of phone system if there is no short circuit fault on a phone line, and someone rings that phone he/she gets to hear the ring back tone. If the phone line is OK, and a phone instrument is connected on the destination phone line the phone rings also.So, you will hear ring back tone if the cable pair / wire to the target phone is torn for some reason.Again, if there is short circuit fault on the phone line, the short circuited line starts draining current from the Exchange. To prevent this undesirable current drain, at the Exchange Main Distribution Frame (MDF) the affected cable pair is isolated / disconnected by means of a plastic strip. This is called “wedging” of phone line. As you can see, wedging converts the short circuit fault into a physical disconnection / isolation of the phone line cable pair. So, anyone ringing a “wedged” phone no. will get to hear ring back tone. These are the two ways you hear ring back tone even on dialing a faulty phone line.

What is Call waiting and what is the procedure to activate and deactivate call waiting ?

This facility lets you receive incoming calls even when your telephone is busy. You will get a short duration pip-pip tone when you are busy talking , indicating that another call is waiting for you , provided you have activated this facility. You can talk to any one of the callers keeping the other waiting. Complete secrecy of communication between the two callers is maintained Dial 118 and get the acceptance tone similar to the engage tone but with a longer gap between the beeps. Dial 119 and get the acceptance tone.

How can I transfer my call or tell me something about call forwarding

Useful for very mobile persons who may not want to miss incoming calls. Using this facility Calls can be forwarded to another telephone number designated by you. Dial 114 followed by the telephone number for which the call is to be transferred. He will get the acceptance tone. Dial 115 and wait for acceptance tone

What is CLIP and how can I get this facility

The subscriber has to buy separately the CLIP display device from market. Using this facility you can see the number of the calling party before lifting your telephone. Very useful to trace malicious caller. However, the CLIP instrument shall be procured and installed by the users themselves . This facility is free of cost and can be availed by giving an application.

What is the procedure for STD/ISD locking.

For 100% protection against improper use, you can lock your telephone electronically. Here, you only know the secret code. You can lock/allow Local, STD or ISD calls in many way viz. all calls allowed, only local calls allowed, only STD & Local calls allowed, all outgoing calls barred etc. Register Secret Code Suppose you want to make 5555 your secret code. Follow this procedure to register this: Dial 123 5555 5555 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Your code is registered. Change secret code Suppose you want to change current code 5555 to 4444 then Dial 123 5555 4444 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Your new code(4444) is registered. Bar/Open Facilities using Secret Code(example 5555) Bar STD/ISD calls Dial 124 5555 1 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now STD/ISD calls will be barred . Open STD/ISD calls Dial 124 5555 0 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now STD/ISD calls can be made. Open STD calls only Dial 124 5555 3 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now STD calls can be made. Bar STD/ISD/manual trunck calls Dial 124 5555 2 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now STD/ISD/manual trunck calls will be barred . (It will also bar calls to 95 level). Bar local calls Dial 124 5555 4 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now localcalls will be barred .(applicable only if STD Facility is available). Open local calls only Dial 124 5555 1 or 2 then wait for the acceptance tone then disconnect. Now Local calls can be made.

What are the various concessions given to schools and universities.

25% concession in bi-monthly rentals of local area shall be allowed for telephone connections provided to : Schools, Universities and Colleges affiliated thereto, Polytechnics and other like institutions or organizations recognized by the Government (Non residential connections). Not exceeding two telephones (non residential) in institutions like homes for the aged, infirm, spastics, handicapped, deaf-dumb-mute persons, orphanages and voluntary organizations for tribal welfare and other like institutions or other organizations recognized by the Government

What are the various charges for reconnection/shifting/and other additional facility.

Pl. see the telephone tariff section of the website for details.