How can the IP VPN service benefit businesses?

Business companies can extend their LANs and computers at various locations across the country so as to interconnect them over an IP VPN thereby enabling online communication, which can enhance business efficiency.

Why do enterprises need VPN?

Some of the important reasons why enterprises need VPN are: · High Cost & Complexity of Private Networks on leased line – deployment, maintenance, upgradation & expansion. These investments divert the main focus from the core business areas of the enterprise. · Increasingly dispersed mobile workforce requires constant contact with the enterprise LAN. This is possible through Dial-VPN service, which is a small value added service over the VPN platform. · Flexible reconfiguration allows instantaneous addition/deletion of connections without any major investment. · Rise in Internet based applications & continually evolving technology allows the enterprise to avail of several value-added services that will be offered by the Service Provider in future over the same IP network infrastructure in a cost effective manner. Examples are bandwidth on demand, VoIP, multicasting, & interactive applications.

What is special about the IP VPN service?

IP VPN service provides businesses with an opportunity to outsource their communication requirements to a Service Provider (SP) in a cost effective manner. The predecessor of the IP VPN service is the conventional private network which forces businesses to make significant investments in leased lines, communication solutions and skills that are not necessarily in line with their core activity

What is IP VPN Service?

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. An IP VPN Service offers exclusive and private interconnectivity using Internet protocol to computers or Local Area Networks (LANs) across the country.

What advantages does one derive with BSNL’s IP VPN Service?

BSNL’s with its world class IP infrastructure using latest state of the art MPLS technology, offers following benefits over other IP VPN service solution providers.

  • Service is offered all over India.
  • Provides different grades of throughput, Service Level agreement (ranging from 99% end to end guaranteed bandwidth to best effort) as per customer needs.
  • Is Flexible and Scalable and can be tailored to meet any type of customer’s requirement.
  • Provides range of Value added Services like Bandwidth on demand, Video Conferencing, Voice Over IP (VoIP) etc.
  • Requires no Technical workforce from customer side for the Operations and Maintenance of their VPN.

How does IP VPN service compare with the conventional leased line network model cost-wise?

The overall cost of availing a VPN service decreases as the number of sites in a particular VPN increases. In general, there is a significant cost savings in opting for IP VPN service. Our marketing team will be pleased to present a detailed business case for deciding whether you should opt for IP VPN service

How reliable is the IP VPN service vis-vis the Leased Line model?

The IP VPN service is implemented over a high capacity (STM-1) dual layer robust MPLS Network that has inherent redundancies in routing capability guaranteeing specified service levels. The overall service levels offered with IP VPN service will be superior to service levels derived from the Leased Lines solution

Can you provide interconnectivity between two VPNs?

Yes, a VPN can be provided access from another VPN if this additional service is required by the subscribing VPNs. This service is called “extra-net” service.

Can you provide interconnectivity between a VPN and dial customers?

Yes, a dial customer can be provided access to a VPN through what is known as an L2TP tunnel. However, BSNL plans to provide this service in the near future

How secure is IP VPN service?

A VPN by itself is an isolated entity and therefore has no possibility of outside intrusion. The security in case of interconnection with other networks will be the customer’s responsibility.