Phone Backup Through BSNL

What is Mobile Phone Backup?

Mobile Phone Backup is a service that safeguards all data of your mobile phone including Contacts, Calendar, SMS, Photos, Videos and Music. The Mobile Phone Backup service copies your mobile phone™s data in a secure manner to Operators secure Mobile Phone Backup system, and also enables you to restore the saved data on your phone (New / Existing) whenever you change your phone or in case you lose the data accidentally.

What are the features available on Mobile Phone Backup service?

Mobile Phone Backup service enables you to: Easily & quickly backup all your mobile data View, manage and edit all your data through secure internet website Copy/Restore all your saved/backed-up data to your phone (New or Existing)

What all kind of data that can be saved using Mobile Phone Backup service?

You can save the following categories of data depending on your phone model: Contacts List Photos Videos Music Events & Tasks SMS

Can I use Mobile Phone Backup service from any connection, be it pre-paid or post-paid?

Yes you can use Mobile Phone Backup service from your pre-paid as well as your post-paid connection.

What are the subscription charges?

The charges are Rs.30 per month, on 30 day renewable basis.

Can I use any phone handset to save/backup my data?

Yes you can use any mobile phone to save/backup your data. Your phone handset model will be categorized in either of the following two categories: GPRS capability phones - If you have GPRS phones you can save all your Contacts List, SMS, Photos, Videos and Music. You will use Rich client (Backup Option) or Native SyncML (Synchronize) options for using the Mobile Phone Backup service. (For details, refer to FAQ No. 7) Non-GPRS phones If your phone is a Non-GPRS phone model then you can save your Contacts List only. You will have to save/backup and restore phone data using SMS. (For details, proceed to FAQ No. 25)

What is GPRS?

GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. It is an enhancement to the GSM mobile communications system, which allows internet browsing on a mobile phone as well as connecting to data services.

If my mobile phone has GPRS capability how do I get GPRS activated on my mobile phone?

Call the BSNL Customer Care(09400024365) to get GPRS activated. Customer care will provide you the steps to activate the GPRS. Once GPRS is activated, please select BSNL specific access point as the default access point.

How can I register to Mobile Phone Backup service using my GPRS capability phone?

To start, ensure that you have GPRS enabled on your phone. Once GPRS is activated by following steps given in FAQ No. 8, you can register to the Mobile Phone Backup service by any one of the following 3 methods: 1. Send SMSSUB™ to short-code (58989) (Toll-free). (For details, proceed to FAQ No. 10) 2. Open your mobile phone™s web browser, type Mobile Phone Backup WAP link ( and access the WAP Portal. (For details, proceed to FAQ No. 11) 3. Call BSNL customer care(09400024365) and subscribe to the service.

How do I download and install the Mobile Phone Backup application on my GPRS phone?

Once you receive the SMS confirming your registration, you will receive an SMS containing a link. Then follow these steps: 1. Open the SMS and select / click on the link in the SMS. 2. This will redirect you to the WAP page where you need to accept Terms and Conditions and download the application. 3. The phone will prompt you to install™ the application on your mobile phone 4. You need to select ˜Yes™ to install the application on your mobile phone 5. Once installed, Mobile Phone Backup icon will appear in your 'Phone Menu' or 'Games Folder' or 'Application Folder' depending on your phone model 6. You will receive a SMS with a link having complete instructions to setup the Phone Backup service settings. (For details, refer to FAQ No. 15 & FAQ No. 19) 7. You will also receive a SMS with the Internet URL link of your Phone Backup account, the Account User ID, which is your phone number in 91xxxxxxxxxx format and the password for Web-login. (For details, refer to FAQ No. 31)