BSNL Mobile - Prepaid


"What should I do when the validity of my card is expired?

"What should I do when the validity of my card is expired? What will happen to the amount, which is still available unutilized in my number?"

"After expiry of the validity of the card, the connection is required to be recharged by the scratch cards ( meant for same license service area). This recharge is to be done within the grace period of 15 days from the date of expiry of validity if you want your balance unutilized amount also to be credited along with the net call value of the new recharge coupon through which you are recharging. After expiry of the grace period the balance unutilized amount will be lapsed.

During grace period no calls are allowed except emergency ( Toll free ) and IVR call.

These scratch cards are available in different denominations of Rs. 300/- ( with validity period of 30 days), Rs. 500/- ( with validity period of 45 days), Rs.1000/-( with validity period of 60 days) and Rs.2000/- ( with validity period of 90 days). Validity starts from the date of latest recharge.

If recharge is not done with the additional grace period of 60 days (after the normal grace period of 15 days), the BSNL Mobile prepaid connection will be lapsed."

What is recharge card?

"It is a card containing 16-digit secret code to extend your prepaid account. Recharge cards are available in various denominations. When you purchase a recharge card, scratch the hidden portion on the recharge card to know the secret code. Dial 123 and you will be connected to IVRS prompt menu. Choose option 2 to recharge, you will be prompted to enter 16-digit code. Enter the code followed by “#”, the your recharging is activated."

Where I can get prepaid starter pack and recharge coupon?

You can get prepaid starter pack or recharge coupon from the nearest CSRs and BSNL appointed distributor outlets and their representatives.

What’s the validity period for prepaid?

Validity Period is the period of during which you are allowed to make or receive the calls and start with the date activation of your SIM card.

When does the grace period starts?

It is meant for recharging purpose and starts from the date of expiry of the validity period

Expiry of validity period?

Once your prepaid period expires your account gets deactivated. But you will get a grace period during which you can reactivate your prepaid card by recharging it. In grace period you will not be allowed to make or receive any call.

What is lapsing of prepaid card?

Incase you don’t recharge your prepaid card during grace period your account get ceased and you may loose your mobile number

When to recharge the account?

"Whenever your talk time value becomes very low or validity period expires or about to expire, please recharge your prepaid account, for that you will be prompted to recharge"

How can I recharge my BSNL Mobile prepaid connection?

"Recharge vouchers also known as scratch cards/cash cards of various denominations are readily available through our distributor/retailer network and customer service centers. For recharge, dial 123 wait for IVRS announcement to select proper option to feed the secret code and follow the instructions, at end you will be recharged with the appropriate amount.

Entry of wrong secret code repeatedly will debar the recharge facility associated with your number.

Once discharge option is debarred as above, you have to contact to help line 9415024365 or nearest CSC giving the Mobile No, Scratch Card No and Secret Number of the Scratch card to release the bar of recharge facility on your mobile number."

What is my new balance after I recharge my account?

"When you recharge your prepaid card, the new balance will be the sum of calling value (or talk time value) of recharge card (after deduction of processing fee and service tax) and previous balance left."