What are the various charges for Temporary connections and extensions?

Temporary Connections and Extensions

  • Telephone Connections from Temporary Exchanges or PBXs. The rate shall be the same as applicable for regular telephone

  • Charges for Extension to DELs Connections Annual Rental i) Internal Extension (without inter-com) / Internal Connection Rs. 400 ii) Internal Extension (with inter-com) Rs. 500 Chargeable Distance from main connection Annual Rental iii) External Extension to DEL/External Connection

    (a) 1 km Rs. 1,400
    (b) Exceeding 1 km but not exceeding 5 km Rent as per (a) above + Rs. 800 per km for each additional km or part
    (c) Beyond 5 kms Rent as per (b) above + Rs. 1.500 per km for each additional km or part (Chargeable distance is 1.25 times the radial distance)

  • Temporary Extensions and Temporary Private Wires Temporary extensions from departmental exchange connections, from private exchanges, connections from private branch exchanges and extensions from these connections, may be given up to a maximum period of four months provided the cost involved in giving the facility does not exceed Rs. 200 in each case. The charges for these facilities shall be levied at half appropriate annual rental prescribed for the corresponding facility provided on regular basis.


How to get CLI facilities in my B-phone.

Send request to your telephone exchange on plain paper for CLI and attach the copy of receipt of the CLI instrument purchased by you.