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Services Offered

Co-Location services

Dedicated Colocation services and cloud hosting services in India

BSNL’s Internet Data Center Managed Colocation goes a step beyond traditional colocation, completely freeing you from the management of your data centre. Our engineers and technicians monitor the infrastructure, dealing with issues as needed. The availability of 24×7 support, and the guarantees you get on security and availability, make managed colocation a particularly attractive option if your need is to focus your IT efforts beyond infrastructure.
If you wish to manage your own installation, and additional physical security is your prime requirement, you have caged Space as a service option. You get a mesh wall around the racks, plus dedicated connectivity infrastructure. Our facilities are equipped and capable on every front, from security to connectivity to reliability.
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➭Hosted Services

  • Outstanding Managed hosting and cloud hosting in India.
  • BSNL Internet Data Center Dedicated Hosting Services.
  • BSNL Internet Data Center Shared Hosting Services.

➭Managed Services

  • Cloud Migration, Virtualization and cloud computing service providers in India.
  • BSNL IDC Managed Local Load Balancing Services.
  • BSNL IDC Application Acceleration Services.
  • BSNL IDC Standalone Database Services.
  • IDC Database Clustering Services.

➭BSNL IDC Monitoring Services

  • Advanced server monitoring services
  • BSNL IDC capacity management services
  • BSNL IDC server virtualization services
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BSNL IDC is your ideal partner!

  • Tier 3certified by uptime-by-uptime institute
  • Satisfying data sovereignty requirements
  • Combined connectivity and IT services availability from BSNL.
  • Attractive opex based solutions consisting of hardware, software and managed services for cloud services
  • Best – in- class cloud migration

Some of the key points are

  • Trust, transparency and reliability
  • Benefit from the G2G Model. BSNL is a 100% Govt of India enterprise
  • Extension of existing service contract
  • Proven experience in handling large Government / PSU clients
  • Opex model offerings
  • India’s largest cluster of Tier-III data centers certified directly by Uptime Institute
  • Greenest data centers in India with a Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) of < 1.7
  • Highest levels of data security
  • Single window for IT and connectivity requirements
  • Partnership with selected application providers for end-to-end solutions
  • Enterprise class service SLAs
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Get assured Cloud Security for all your data with BSNL IDC

BSNL Internet Data Center ensures the highest levels of security for your data, with multiple security layers.

We are ISO 27001 certified.

➫Physical Security

  • Security Staff
  • Electronic Security
  • Multi-factor authentication access control
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Visitor Management

➫Regulatory Compliance

  • ISO 27001 Compliant
  • Auditing and Compliance
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India’s First Uptime Certified Tier III Data Center(s) for both design and constructed facility

➧High Performance

  • Low Latency: LAN Life performance Up to STM4 Backbone

➧High-Level of Data Security and Integrity:

  • Assured protection with security built at multiple levels

➧ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System Standard

➧Complete Redundancy

  • High Availability switching, Routing: Independent control and data planes
  • Redundant Sup Engine, Switching Fabric
  • Active – Active Hardware and Firewall


  • Dedicated switching Infrastructure: Shared switching optional
  • Option of shared or dedicated firewall with VDC

Contact Us: Toll free number---1800 425 7007 | SMS--9482157007 | Email id--ebenquiry@bsnl.co.in