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How IP Centrex works ?

  • Centrex numbers provisioning is done in IP Centrex server, IMS Core and EWSD/5ESS switches.
  • Landline customer in a centrex group can dial Short Code (with 3 to 5 digits) to contact other centrex numbers directly.
  • A special access code for Centrex mobile subscriber is 1286.
  • Mobile customer should prefix 1286 + Short Code (3 to 5 digits) for calling others in the same group.
  • If a BSNL mobile subscriber roams to other operator’s network, he can’t use the Centrex service.
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Features of IP Centrex :

  • All India IP Centrex allows small and medium size enterprises to deploy PABX/ CUG service without really installing system physically in their premises.
  • IP Centrex has no limitation of Zone/Circle. It is PAN India Service.
  • A customer can have a PAN India IP Centrex i.e. numbers anywhere in the country can be brought into a single Centrex group. Each member of the group can access the other by dialing a short code.
  • An IP Centrex group can have LL and BSNL mobile numbers (Prepaid & Postpaid). Landline phones of NGN, EWSD & 5ESS exchanges only.
  • Number Presentation/CLIP of intra-CENTREX call is the short number.
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IP Centrex Group Categories :

  • Within SDCA
  • Within SSA
  • Within Circle
  • Within Zone
  • Across the Zones
  • Customer Numbers Within Group may be from Different Zones and from different Services like LL,GSM
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IP Centrex Dialing Method

An  Landline   Customer will dial short code to access the LL/Mobile number of the same group. Mobile Customer will dial 1286 +Short code to access the LL /Mobile number of the same Group.
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IP Centrex Specification :

  • Rental for Centrex will be based on number of connections within the group and category of Centrex
  • There will be possibility of change of Category.
  • IP Centrex will be offered on fixed rental basis to the customers
  • Subscriber will not be charged for per call (both local &STD) within Centrex
  • IP Centex services will be provided to both Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers
  • Plan/rental would be applied on individual subscriber.
  • Even if some of subscriber moves out of group , the slab will not change.
  • There will not be any GP1&GP2 for IP Centrex services.
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How to Get IP Centrex? :

  • Customer can send the request for IP Centrex through SMS/E-mail/Call Centre.
  • Customer can also approach the CSC / EB section.

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