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Overview of GSPS service

BSNL’s GSPS also called satellite phone service, provides voice communication and messaging from any part of the globe. However, presently, the services will be available within India only. It is a ubiquitous service, hence can be used from all part of the country including territorial water. It is being provided through world’s most advanced satellite communications network working on Inmarsat I-4 F2 satellite located at 63.90° East.

It is suitable for persons working in remote areas or disaster affected areas – defence, border security organizations, disaster management bodies, trekkers, fishermen, maritime applications.
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About the Technology

  • BSNL’s GSPS system provides telecommunication services to predominately mobile users through an enhanced GMR-2 air interface (GMR-2+) over the Inmarsat-4 (I-4) satellite like Telephony Voice, SMS, Supplementary services etc. The coverage is accessible to GSPS users at or above 20 degree antenna elevation angle.
  • The GSPS system is intended to provide a modernized, resource efficient and extensible platform for long term support of telecommunication services optimized for the characteristics of the I-4 satellite.
  • The GSPS system supports Satellite Phone Services served by a single Network Control Center- National Gateway (NGW) located at Ghaziabad.

Coverage Area

The service covers the entire geographical area of India with restrictions in certain areas as per guidelines of Government of India.
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How to Subscribe

  • A Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) will be required to be filled by the customer duly signed by authorized Signatory along with the certificate of authorization. Supporting documents needs to be enclosed with the CAF as required.
  • Instruction issued from DoT for bulk users are to be followed strictly.
  • The provisioning and features of this service are as per DOT guidelines issued from time to time.


Recharge can be purchased from any outlet where BSNL mobile recharge/topup is available.
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Contact point

Users are requested to contact BSNL Customer Care Node (CCN) located at O/o PGM (INMARSAT ) Satellite Building ,Advance Level Telecom Training Centre (ALTTC), Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh-201001. The contact details of CCN are given below:-
Phone : 0120-2755380,0120-2755175
E-Mail : ashish_tayal@bsnl.co.in
In case of any further query, you can contact Sh. Ashish Tayal, GM (Inmarsat) 9013132496.
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About Handset

gsps handsetISAT Phone-2 will be supplied by BSNL to customers on first come first serve basis
The more sky you can see the stronger the signal should be from the satellite. If open sky makes up about 70% of your view when you look up, then the signal should be strong. Searching satellite will appear on the screen. When your phone is connected to the satellite, the screen will display Ready for service. The top left of the screen will display Inmarsat.

gsps signal bar The signal bars indicate the signal strength. At least two signal bars are required to make and receive calls.
If the received signal strength falls during a call, as shown by the signal strength indicator, ensure that the antenna is pointed towards the satellite and there are no obstacles between you and the sky. The e-Compass is displayed to indicate the direction in which the antenna should be maintained. When you return the handset to your ear, ensure that you keep it pointed in the direction of the satellite.
Before you can make a call, your phone needs a GPS fix so it can be located by the satellite. This happens automatically but if a new GPS fix is needed, the GPS fix icon will be displayed. Keep the phone in the open with a clear view of the sky until the icon disappears. Your phone is now ready to make and receive calls.

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