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What is Toll Free phone service?

  • This service uses the new function in charging, a call to a service subscriber is paid by the called party. All charges are levied on the service subscriber. For the calling user the service is free of charge. Also known as the “Free Phone Service”
  • This service is ideal for customer oriented organizations that can provide information about their products, allow customer to place orders and even register complaints. They need to advertise only one logical number which is accessible from all over India (BSNL/ MTNL /private telecom operators).
  • 11 digit number 1800-XYZ-ABCD
  • XYZ-SCP Code and is fixed for all Toll Free customers of one SCP.

    The SCP codes for IN service at Pune Platform are, 233, 424, 425, 599 and 440 to 449
    The SCP codes for IN service at Chandigarh Platform are, 180,345,888,330 to 339

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How it works?

Callers dial the 11 digit TFS number. This number is analysed in the IN system. One can define upto 10 Fixed or Mobile numbers against the TFS number. IN system translate the TFS number to the attached fixed or Mobile number and route the call as per pre-defined criteria.

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What BSNL Offers to Toll Free Phone Subscribers?

  • A bundled solution that can help business organization track calls, route calls based on customer’s organization's needs, and safeguard their traffic against long-term service interruptions.
  • SINGLE ALL INDIA NUMBER - A single 11 digit number accessible throughout India including other operator’s network. No STD facility required to access the service. Multiple Call Centres can operate and handle the customer calls based on user defined criteria such geographical location, time of the call, day of the call etc.
    • TIME DEPENDANT ROUTING (TDR) - allows organizations to route the calls to different locations, depending on the time of day.
    • DAY OF THE WEEK ROUTING –Calls can be routed not only as per the Time of the day but also as per the type of day.
    • ORIGIN DEPENDENT ROUTING - Calls can be routed to set of destinations based on the location of the origin of the call.
    • CALL DISTRIBUTION - allows the organization to route calls based on staffing levels. The call split is based on a percentage distribution that user designate.
    • LINE HUNTING – allows organization to have one or more installations where the call may be answered (up to ten- anywhere in India).
    • CALL LIMITER – Restricts maximum number of simultaneous calls and this helps organization to dimension resources.
    • CALL QUEUING – enables calls meeting busy condition or reaching call limiter to be placed in a queue and as soon as free condition is detected the call is answered
    • CONDITION BASED ROUTING - Calls at the destination can be re-routed to a different destination number in following conditions (1) Busy (2) No Answer (3) Reached call limiter.
    • INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE: The IVR routes calls to the appropriate person or department based on keypad inputs selected from the menu options as defined by the service subscriber.
    • BLACK & WHITE LIST - allows organization to selectively block incoming calls from specific originating areas.
    • INCOMING GREY LIST - When a calling line is added in the grey list , a PIN is associated with it. When a caller from grey list access the service, a PIN is asked for authentication.
    • DETAILED BILL - Details of calls received is provided. This helps organization in marketing and business planning.
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Who can subscribe for Toll Free phone service?

  • Enterprises or organizations with large customer base or having call centers.
  • Retail products and services Industry.
  • Ideal for hotels and restaurants.
  • Companies providing after sales support as customers associate a Free phone number with the quality of the business products or services
  • Whole business community in general. Convenient for the subscriber who has multiple offices in multiple cities or localities. The subscriber can retain the TFS number even after the office location changes.
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  • There are two types of UAN services, UAN Full Charge and UAN split Charge
  • In UAN full charge full call charges are paid by callers whereas in UAN split charge callers pay the local calls and STD charges are paid by Called Party.
  • Service is accessible from networks of other Operators also
  • 11 digit number 1860-XYZ-ABCD

XYZ-SCP Code and is fixed for all Toll Free customers of one SCP.

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