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What is MPLS ?

An  MPLS VPN is a premium connectivity product for enterprises, normally delivered over fiber, which provides uncondensed, symmetrical bandwidth with full-duplex traffic across multiple sites in a full-mesh topology. It is considered a private network with no exposure to the Internet. Through this connection, an Enterprise can transport all types of network traffic such as voice, video and data seamlessly amongst its branches without the packets touching the Internet.

An MPLS VPN connection offers better uptime, security, flexibility, performance and monitoring abilities along with reliable connectivity without operational overheads to the customer. It allows organizations / institutions to have a reliable, high quality network connection across multiple sites with guaranteed upload and download speed, uptime and resilience, resulting in a service above and beyond what traditional P2P leased lines provide.
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Features of MPLS VPN:

  • Dedicated bandwidth on the last mile.
  • Superior QoS offering to emulate P2P in terms of throughput via cloud
  • Cost-effective.
  • Highly secure connectivity with pan-India presence.
  • SLA (Service level agreement) offered.
  • Low latency.
  • Symmetrical speed.
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Specifications of MPLS VPN :

  • MPLS port charges based on required BW. No distance-based charges unlike P2P.
  • Wide range of bandwidth options – 64kbps to 10Gbps.
  • SLA Commitment: All MPLS VPN connections support industry-backed SLAs (Service Level Commitment) so that business owners can be assured of reliability and certain service levels..
  • Ring protection (for fiber last mile, if customer so desires). 
  • Symmetric Speeds & Dedicated Bandwidth: An ILL connection provides fixed bandwidth and symmetric speeds.
  • Class-of-service options (Gold, Silver & Bronze) available at different price points.
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Advantages of MPLS VPN :

  • 24/7 monitored MPLS cloud with guaranteed uptime.
  • IS/ISO 9001:2015 certified NOC support for Service Delivery and Service Assurance.
  • Account Manager (SPOC) available for both commercial and technical support.
  • 24/7 Enterprise Call Centre to redress any service issues
  • Integration options with BB VPN/FTTH VPN/3G VPN/VSAT VPN

Future options – SD-WAN :

  • MPLS VPN and Internet uplinks can be plugged in to SD-WAN solution from BSNL.
  • Integration options with various clouds such as Microsoft Azure.
  • BSNL is ready for the next-gen WAN optimization/automation needs.
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Value-Added feature set of MPLS VPN – Choices on offer

  • Layer 3 or Layer 2 VPN.
  • Full-mesh or Hub-and-Spoke topology.
  • Static or Dynamic routing.
  • Unicast or Multicast (for specialized applications such as Content Delivery - mainly suitable for Cable TV operators).
  • Plain QoS or Differentiated QoS
  • All of the VAS features are included in the base price oroffered at highly discounted rates!
  • Option of extending the same VRF to global locations also available
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  • First MPLS VPN service provider.
  • Telecom Service Provider with largest network.
  • Available at every corner of INDIA.
  • IS/ISO 9001:2015 certified Network Operation Centre
  • Transparent Billing.
  • Major Business companies are with BSNL.

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