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What are Point to Point leased lines?

  • A point-to-point connection is a dedicated communication link between two geographically distant sites.
  • BSNL’s state of the art OFC network is spread across India connecting even the remotest locations. BSNL’s existing infrastructure allows connectivity between two end points vide nearby PoPs of BSNL.
  • A point-to-point connectivity is an OSI Layer 2 Network Service, allowing the flexibility of network design as per requirement of the customer. The network routing information is also obscured to BSNL, which adds additional layer of privacy of network traffic to the customers.
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Features of Point to Point leased line:

  • Point-to-point communication is highly reliable, highly secured, scalable, low latency, high Bandwidth and high quality of service (QoS) because communication channel is not shared..
  • P2Ps offers wide range of Bandwidth from 9.6Kbps to 10Gbps.
  • Point-to-point connections use specific interfaces, such as G.703,Ethernet or others, depending on the type and the medium used.
  • In order to provide point-to-point connections with high availability and low error rates, the connections can be automatically or manually switched to alternate routes.
  • 24/7 Enterprise Call Centre to redress service issues.
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A Typical BSNL Point to Point leased line setup

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  • First Point to Point service provider.
  • Telecom Service Provider with largest network.
  • Available at every corner of INDIA
  • IS/ISO 9001:2015 certified Network Operation Centre
  • Transparent Billing.
  • Major Business companies are with BSNL.

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