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What M2M/IoT ?

  •  Machine to Machine communications, often termed M2M/IoT is going to be the next generation of Internet revolution connecting more and more devices on Internet. M2M communications refer to automated applications which involve machines or devices communicating through a network without human intervention. Sensors and communication modules are embedded within M2M devices, enabling data to be transmitted from one device to another device through wired and wireless communications networks.
  • M2M is expected to revolutionize the performance of various sectors, businesses and services, by providing automation and intelligence to the end devices, in a way that was never imagined before. It may be applied to robots and conveyor belts on the factory floor, to tractors and irrigation on the farm, from heavy equipment to hand drills, from jet engines to bus fleets; from home appliances to health monitoring; from Smart Grid to Smart Water; every piece of equipment, everywhere.It can bring substantial tangible social and economic benefits by giving more efficient and effective services to the citizens.
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Benefits M2M offers !

M2M is undoubtedly having a massive impact on the way many organisations do business. Whether you’re in healthcare, mining, retail or a number of other industries, companies are looking at how they can implement M2M to their benefit. Some of the benefits M2M offers you, regardless of the industry you’re in.

  • M2M improves operational efficiency
  • M2M improves quality of products and services
  • M2M improves decision-making
  • M2M improve cost-efficiency and ROI
  • M2M has unlimited scalability
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Sectors that can leverage M2M For Business Benefits

  • Transportation & Automotive
  • Fleet management Services, Vehicle driver performance, fuel consumption, Container/Cargo management, GPS tracking, E-Toll, Vehicle information to third parties, Prevention of Vehicle theft, Traffic control, Smart Parking, Emergency call (eCall) etc

  • Healthcare
  • Smartbody sensors, Remote patient monitoring of residential/institutional, communicate with smart phone and central server.M2M can be used in primary health centres in rural areas to enable speedy diagnosis and timely treatment.

  • Utilities
  • Smart meters – water, energy & fuel consumption for home & industry, smart grid monitor load in real time, Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

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Sectors that can leverage M2M For Business Benefits..2

  • Security and Surveillance
  • Alarm System Monitoring, Video Surveillance,real time monitoring, video analytics, in banking, retail, buildings in addition to smart cards and Facility management
  • Manufacturing:
  • Widely used Customized solutions in Asset management, smart sensors, Monitor/ diagnostics for industrial controllers, Tank Monitoring, Data collection, diagnostics for managed print services.
  • Agriculture
  • Point of sale(POS)
  • And many more.....
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BSNL Leader in M2M/IoT

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the state-owned telecom operator,having PAN India presence, offers the lowest M2M/IoT tariffs in the industry BSNL has emerged as a leading M2M/IoT Service Provider in India and already issued more than 2 million M2M/IoT SIMs (e-SIMs as well as plastic SIM) for various M2M/IoT defined businesses like VLT, Smart-meter, POS Machines etc.

How to Get Started M2M/IOT with BSNL?

Contact to the EB team of BSNL Circle of your geographical Area for any query related to M2M/IOT Services.

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Why BSNL for M2M/IOT services ?

  • Standard plans
  • Lowest tariff
  • Transparency
  • Pan India Network
  • BSNL has partnership with many leading companies in the field of M2M/IoT.

Contact Us: Mobile number---09420130130 / 09422430105