Subscriber dialed INMARSAT services from Shore to Ship, Ship to Shore and Ship to Ship in Indian region are operational in the BSNL Network.

INMARSAT Calls from Basic and Mobile service:

The tariff for subscriber dialed INMARSAT services w.e.f 01.01.2009 is-
Calls Originated From Fixed Charges (Per Call) Variable Charges
Pulse rate Unit Rate
Basic Services (Fixed Line/WLL) NIL 175 Mili Sec. As per plan
Mobile Services Rs.50 60 Sec Rs.300/Min.
International In-roamers Rs.75 1 Sec. Rs.6.50/Sec.

  • SNAC (Single Network Area Code) for INMARSAT : 00870
  • Introduction of this service in the shore to ship direction has a limitation that such short duration metering pulses cannot be transmitted over junction cables and mechanical meters in electro-mechanical exchanges cannot respond to these pulses as such this facility cannot be made available in electro-mechanical exchanges. However, in all other local electronic switches the pulses may be generated locally and services via INMARSAT opened. In C-DoT 256 Port RAX and ILT switches, these services cannot be implemented on account of technical constraints.