BSNL Managed Network Services

BSNL Managed Network Services is a fully managed Secured Data services, providing a truly one-stop and a complete experience that significantly reduces risks and complexities involved in implementing and maintaining a robust IP network. It brings together all of a business' communications needs in an integrated offering.

With the promise of an integrated platform with one-stop convenience and fully managed experience, BSNL Managed Network Services is an All-in-One comprehensive bundle of hardware, connectivity packages and managed services.

It is a solution that simply, affordably and reliably supports your business.

Comprehensive Service Package:

The "One-Stop" promise delivered by BSNL Managed Network Services is beyond technical integration of the best-in-breed network and hardware setup. It offers truly executable technical and business propositions for your business today:
  • No CAPEX
  • No risk of technical obsolescence
  • Scalable according to changing business needs
  • One helpdesk number to call for troubleshooting and fault resolution.
  • Integrated customer report (Web Based) giving you a complete view of your network

To ensure one stop solution for all connectivity needs, better manageability and accountability, BSNL offers Managed Network Services which includes Enterprise Broadband, Internet and MPLS VPN connectivity as completely managed offering. With an integrated service option, you would enjoy benefit of an SLA backed network services with convenience of being supported by single helpdesk number for your network connectivity, hardware related issues. Other benefits include:
  • End-to-end Turn key Implementation (including CPE)
  • Proactive management through state of the art NOC
  • Periodic reporting facilitating trend analysis
  • Capability to provide VPN connectivity from any part of the country.
  • Managed Firewall as well as IP Sec

These services are designed for a wide range of environment, from enterprise-scale organizations to small branch offices. The CPEs chosen is universal and delivers the performance, availability, and reliability to scale mission-critical needs. Built on a foundation of comprehensive routing and switching management capabilities the Routers installed help maximize the power of your organization’s network with unified network services, integrated security, and application intelligence. These Routers are ideal platform for delivering Secure & managed IP connectivity to an organization.

Service Offering:

S.No. Name of the Product Bandwidth Security Encryption Feature
1 BSNL Easy Com Broadband 512 kbps Managed Firewall IP Sec 24 X 7 Telephone Support
2 BSNL Bizcom 64 64 Kbps MPLS / Internet Managed Firewall IP Sec Web Support
3 BSNL Bizcom 128 128 Kbps MPLS / Internet Managed Firewall IP Sec All other Security Feature available as Add on
4 BSNL Bizcom 256 256 Kbps MPLS / Internet Managed Firewall IP Sec
5 BSNL Bizcom 512 512 Kbps MPLS / Internet Managed Firewall IP Sec On line Proactive Monitoring
6 BSNL Bizcom 1024 1024 Kbps MPLS / Internet Managed Firewall IP Sec SLA-99% uptime
7 BSNL Bizcom 2048 2048 Kbps MPLS / Internet Managed Firewall IP Sec ISDN Back up (in selected Models)


Connectivity Options Broadband / Internet / MPLS VPN
Bandwidth Options 64/128/256/512/1024 /2048 Mbps*
Firewall Security State full Inspection Firewall User Defined Security Policies NAT/PAT DMZ, etc.
Remote Access VPN 5 to 50 IPSec VPN Tunnels (as per plan)
Service level Agreement 24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring and Helpdesk support
99% Uptime guarantee for connectivity and CPE
(For Details Kindly Go Through SLA Document)


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