VSAT Technology


The network consists of a Hub located at Bangalore and VSATs located throughout the country. The VSAT communicates to the HUB through Express AM1 Satellite. All VSATs are connected in STAR topology and VSAT to VSAT communication is through the HUB at Bangalore. For more information on the service kindly read the FAQ . Ku band VSAT network of BSNL is capable of providing high speed data transfer up to 2Mbps (presently 512 Kbps) and voice communication service covering the entire country.

VSAT Tariff and Customer Care

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  • BSNL offers competitive and affordable Tariff.
  • The Tariff is offered based on customer applications.

Customer Care
  • Reliability of Network 99% and above.
  • 24x7 Help Desk and Technical support.
  • Zone wise customer support centers for quick Fault clearance.
  • Billing information can be accessed through Web Self care.
  • Complaints can be booked either through internet, Toll free Phone Number.

For details kindly contact Ph: 080-26643766,
E-Mail to dgmkuband @ bsnl.co.in

Address :

Deputy General Manager (SAT),

3 rd Floor, Sanchar Complex,
WMS Compound, 9 th Main,
47 th Cross, 5 th Block, J
ayanagar, Bangalore-560041
Phone: 080-26633400, Fax: 080-26630066.


What is VSAT?

VSAT is a Very Small Aperture Terminal , aligned towards a designated Satellite for up-linking and down-linking communication signals.


Anywhere connectivity is made possible even at those locations, which can not be connected through conventional media like copper cable, optical fibre, radio, microwave and any other wire-line / wireless links. VSAT is a versatile solution, not only as a reliable primary link for non feasible areas, but also as a very successful alternate technology for back link. It also offers plethora of telecom services viz. data transfer, internet, voice, video etc.


BSNL has footprints for supporting 512Kbps and above data rate anywhere in the main land and partly at the islands. Presently Express AM1 Satellite is in use for BSNL VSAT service. BSNL offers you the full advantage of satellite technology for non feasible areas and also seamlessly interconnect the existing MPLS-VPN and MLLN leased lines. Only BSNL has the unique capability to reach nook and corner of India.

For whom the VSAT is most useful?

The BSNL VSAT Broadband Services on a single platform is a boon to the Corporate bodies, Banking Sector, Hospitals, Stock Exchanges, Educational Institutions, Government, Defence, Airlines, Mining Corporations, Power Projects etc. for quick network deployment including inaccessible remote areas.

What are the services offered through BSNL VSAT?

  • BSNL VSAT is a single platform for all your communication needs like:
  • Leased Lines starting from 4Kbps onwards
  • High speed Broadband Internet
  • IP Multicasting, Video Conferencing
  • Voice Telephone, Facsimile

What are the components of VSAT?

The VSAT hardware consists of IDU and ODU .

What are IDU and ODU?

  • The IDU (In-Door Unit) is a satellite modem which converts IP signals into radio signals.
  • The ODU (Out-Door Unit) consists of Dish antenna, up converter, and amplifier.
  • Antenna sizes: 1.2m/1.8m/2.4m

What are the Salient features of BSNL VSAT?

  • Trans / Receive Data rates of 512 Kbps and above
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Interface
  • Voice Telephony with add on ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor)
  • Very minimal power consumption: 75W
  • Sleek and Compact IDU (Table mountable), occupies very little space of 25 cm x 21cm x 6cm

Has BSNL VSAT got any unique features in comparison with others ?

  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
  • Unique MAC Address for IDU
  • Dynamic control of power to combat the rain attenuation
  • Seamless interconnectivity with BSNL MLLN, Internet, MPLS-VPN Networks
  • Single window for any telecom solution

What is the technology of BSNL VSAT system?

  • Frequency band - Ku band ( Uplink: 14GHz, Dn link: 11GHz)
  • Outbound Link - OFDM
  • Inbound Link - TDMA
  • Modulation - QPSK
  • Coding - Turbo Product Coding
  • Multiplex Technology - OFDMA with TDM Overlay

What kind of Customer Service can I expect?

  • Reliability of network: better than 99.0%
  • Customer Support Service Centres across the country
  • Complaint booking through Internet / Toll free number
  • Help Desk / Technical Support on 24X7 basis

Who are the clientele for BSNL VSAT service ?

  • BSNL VSAT customers are: PNB, SBI, Vijaya Bank, Syndicate Bank,
  • Bank of MH, Air India, King Fisher Airlines, LIC, ONGC, IOCL, NHPC,
  • NTPC, NIC (State Govt. Projects), Power Grid, GB Pant Institute,
  • Singareni Collieries, BEML, HLL, Jindal, KLE Society (Medical), Pacenet,
  • ABAN, Trans Ocean and so on.

Can you arrange for a demo?

Yes, we can. A free demonstration can be arranged for prospective corporate customers. On successful demo the same should be regularised by way of a commercial work order.

How do I apply for BSNL VSAT Service?

  • Please send your requirements through e-mail to: adgmsat[at]gmail.com or fax to 080-26630066, the network design to suit your requirements and tariff offer will be through mutual discussions.
  • or application download, click on " Download VSAT Form" from our website: bsnl.co.in or contact:
  • 080-26645177 between 10 AM to 5 PM on all working days.

Features of the System


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  • IP based VSAT Broad Band service
  • Maximum Trans/Receive Data up to 2Mbps with 10/100 Mbps Base-T Ethernet Interface.
  • Voice Telephony with add on ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor)
  • Power consumption is about 300W (AC input power supply)
  • Compact Indoor Unit (IDU) occupies very little space.
  • Supports all IP v4 protocols
  • Shared and customized Bandwidth for customer's requirements.
  • VPNs can be created with VSAT Network, MLLN nodes, MPLS nodes of BSNL.
  • Supports Video Conferencing, Built in GRE Tunneling, Transparent to IP Sec protocols.
  • The Outdoor Unit consists of antenna (1.2m, 1.8m) and Block Up Convertor (BUC), Block down Convertor and feeder assembly. The IDU is connected to VSAT Antenna through RG-6 cable of maximum 30m length.