Web Co-location Services

BSNL provides Internet services to the customers located in about 450 locations. Web Co-location is an easy and cost effective solution to house a company's powerful infrastructure without losing the administrative control on the equipments. Web Co-location eliminates much of the Infrastructure costs as well as the maintenance cost of such equipments apart from avoiding the last mile problems. Web Co-location enables customer's equipment/ Servers to be treated as a part and parcel of the ISP network enjoying all the facilities as the ISP servers. Web Co-location provides the infrastructure at a nominal value keeping the customer comfortable and focussed in maintaining the Applications /Services of the company. Apart from enjoying the bandwidth and facilities, the customer retains control over his equipment, software and operating system. The customer simply leases the physical space and high-grade, tier one network access from BSNL the hosting provider.

Typical Applications
E-commerce, financial, B2B, email and other data storage and retrieval

Any organization interested to host its server from an ISP premises. It includes the new customer or the customer using the existing facilities of other ISP. Companies of all the sectors can co-locate their servers without any difficulty on maintenance aspects BSNL provides
  • Air-Conditioned, dust free, fire-safe and secure space with racks (42 U) at the nodes for co-location.
  • Necessary CAT5 cabling for connecting the server to the LAN.
  • AC and DC power supply.
  • One Sancharnet account of 100 hours to customer to enable administration of the server.
  • BSNL provides one IP Address per site on request

Domain Name Registration
For New Domain name registration, customer shall obtain the domain name from authorized registry on their own till BSNL offers the service after negotiations with the authorized registry for obtaining domain names.

Web co-location facility is available in all the cities where BSNL Internet node is available. The service is available in Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and Ernakulam and will be extended to other cities shortly.

How to Apply
Customers who want to utilize this facility can register with the commercial officer in the prescribed application form and pay the charges as per tariff. Application forms can be obtained from any customer service centre or Commercial Officer of your area.

Process Flow
  • Customer submits application to Commercial Officer.
  • Commercial Officer issues demand note after scrutiny (Checks for DNS request and Domain)
  • Customer pays the Demand node.
  • Commercial Officer releases work order to Node In-charge with a copy to DGM Data Networks.
  • Domain is created by Data Networks and communicated to node in-charge and in turn to customer.
  • Customer configures his server for IP address, domain and checks access from clients.
  • Node in-charge updates his records and completes the work order and sends to Accounts Officer.
  • Accounts Officer generates monthly bills based on the actual data transacted by the customer.

Deputy General Manager
Divisional Engineer (NMC)
Data Networks
8th Floor, Telecom Bldg,
Bangalore 560 001.
Ph: 080 - 2220 0806.
Fax: 080 - 2225 0600.
Email: dnwsw@sancharnet.in
8th Floor, Telecom Building,
Bangalore 560 001.
Ph: 080 - 2238 1866.
Fax: 080 - 2225 0600.
Email: dednwsw@sancharnet.in
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