BSNL Broadband


My friend has ADSL but BSNL in my city says I cannot!

These could be the reasons for this. Your distance from the nearest ADSL Central Office equipment(DSLAM) may be beyond the technically permissible limit. Visibly the distance of your house/business may look same to you as your friend's but it is the actual cable length that counts. Once you apply for a BSNL broadband connection, you line will be tested and you will be informed whether you home/business is covered. Other reason could be that your friend has a BSNL fixed line phone and you do not. Click here to view the list of cities having Broadband Service.

What is download/upload?

When the information flows from somewhere e.g. a web-page or a site to your PC you are "downloading" on the other hand when you send information e.g. request for a web-page, you are "uploading"

Why are the download/upload rates different?

ADSL is an asymmetric technology giving different rates in “down” and “up” directions. This is perfectly fine since we download(browsing, downloading clips, music etc) much more than we upload(a website address, a few clicks etc)

How do I connect to ADSL?

To connect to ADSL you need an ADSL modem/router to be installed at your home/business. On your PC you should have an Ethernet port with RJ45 socket. Some ADSL modems have a USB port and you could connect these modems to the USB port of you computer.

How do I install ADSL?

Once your connection comes through, an installation pack consisting of the CPE and installation guide will be sent to you. If you have requested BSNL for installation, a technician will visit and complete the installation for you. If you are buying your own Modem you can still request for installation on payment of the requisite charges. We will, however, only support equipment supplied by us.

How long does it take to install ?

Once we receive your order, BSNL will do the required line checks and assuming these pass it takes around 5-10 working days for the service to be enabled by BSNL at your local telephone exchange.

Do I need any software for the installation?

No. With your Welcome Pack you get an installation CD which includes everything you need to get started. If you choose to use your own equipment (e.g. modem or router) then you will need to ensure you have the right software.

What is an IP address?

When you are connect to the Internet, your PC is automatically allocated an IP(Internet Protocol) address to identify it to the outside world. There are two types of IP addresses, dynamic and static. Dynamic IP changes from session to session while static always remains same.

What type of IP addresses are possible ?

IP addresses could be dynamic (that typically change with each session) and static (that are permanently allocated to you). BSNL Broadband provides both dynamic and static IP. However the static IP is given only in Business 5000 and Business 9000 plans.

Why would one need a static IP address?

A static IP address may be required for certain services or applications you use. These typically include: 1.Running your own mailserver (SMTP inbound). 2.Many VPN (virtual private network) implementations require one or both sides of the VPN to have a static IP address. 3.If you are connecting to your company network and need access through their firewall.

Can I change from one Broadband data rate to another?

Yes, You can change your BSNL Broadband plan at any time.