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What is a firewall, should I have one?

A firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private computer/network. It is highly recommended that all Internet users (even using standard dialup access ) should have a firewall to protect their computer/network. As ADSL broadband service are ?always on? it is even more important. Many free firewall softwares like ZoneAlarm, Sygate Personal Firewall etc are available on the Web for download.

Do ADSL services come with a service level agreement ?

ADSL broadband services do not come with a SLA (service level agreement). However BSNL aims at repairing 80% of ADSL circuit faults within working hours. If you require a ‘guaranteed’ high-speed connection to the Internet you would probably require a leased line instead of ADSL broadband.

What is NAT (Network Address Translation/Translator)?

NAT stands for Network Address Translation/Network Address Translator. Each computer connected to the Internet needs to have a unique IP address. To use the global IP addresses more efficiently, computers belonging to a business can have “local” addresses. NAT would then allow connecting multiple “local” computers to the Internet using one IP address. Each NAT has a ‘table’ of local IP addresses and globally unique addresses by which the NAT box can translate the local IP addresses to global address and vice versa.

Can I host a web server on an ADSL line ?

A web server can be hosted on an ADSL line with static IP addresses for broadband connection. (Static IP addresses are available in Business 5000 and Business 9000 plans) Although it is technically possible but not recommended specially for important or heavy usage service. ADSL is asymmetric service with upstream rates much lower than downstream rates. In the business plan upstream rate is 128 kbps and with usual contention ratio, performance can be poor if many users try to access the web server. As it is not a recommended use, BSNL would not support maintenance complaints in such cases.

I have ADSL at office, can I also use it at home ?

An ADSL Broadband account is activated on a specific telephone line only. If you need to use the broadband connection at a location other than where it is installed you need to take another broadband connection.

Where can I get help about BSNL Broadband service?

You can call 24 hours helpline number: 1600 424 1600

What kind of PC do I need to run ADSL?

Most present day configuration PCs will run ADSL. The following minimum configuration is, however, recommended:

  • Processor 200 MHz (or better)
  • perating System Windows 98SE (or higher)
  • RAM (memory) 32 MB RAM
  • Free Disk Space 125MB
  • SVGA monitor
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Network Interface Card(NIC) with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port with RJ45 socket\


How about Broadband Plans and Pricing?

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How do I check upload/ downlaod usage? How do I change my password...

How do I check upload/ downlaod usage? How do I change my password for BSNL Broadband email account?

Please visit using your BSNL broadband connection and click on the link "Dataone account administration" for further details.

I had taken Plan 250 BSNL Broadband connection in Sep'2005.For the first two months...

I had taken Plan 250 BSNL Broadband connection in Sep'2005.For the first two months I got internet bill for 250 only. But for this month i got a bill to pay Rs 356. And one thing, that month i used net very frequently.So, my doubt is eventhough if do not downloaded anything i exceeded my limit. What would be the correct reason for this?

In broadband connection it is different from dialup connection. Here frequency doesnot matter as it is always on conncetion. What matters is the size of the pages you visit. If you visit sites which are having small graphics and more text then you are downloading very small amount of data. But if you are visitng sites with large graphics or streaming videos then you are downloading higher amount of data.

What are the conditions for getting a free modem or changing the type of free modem?

For certain plans, the modem shall be given free by BSNL subject to some conditions - (For details click here). In this case customer will own the modem and does not require to return the modem. Any type of modem (Type I/II/III/IV) can be taken under this offer after paying the required cost/rent of modem. If a subscriber has initially taken Type-I modem under this offer, he can request to change it to higher type (Type-II/III/IV) after paying the difference amount of higher modem. After the committed period if a subscriber demands another modem then he can choose any of these three options: (i) He can get another modem by paying the rent for another committed period. or (ii) He can choose rental option for another modem. or (iii) He can outright purchase another modem.

I am on Monthly Rental Scheme for the Modem and decide to opt for outright purchase...

I am on Monthly Rental Scheme for the Modem and decide to opt for outright purchase of modem, what amount shall be charged from me?


  • If you want to continue with the existing modem, 50% of the amount already paid as monthly rentals can be adjusted in the Sale Price of modem.
  • If you want a new modem, Full amount will be charged as per Prevailing Price for the new Modem and the Old Modem is to be returned in working condition.