Cellular Services (General)


Can we integrate External Email account with this mail? How?

Internal accounts with other sites with POP3 support can be integrated with www.bsnlumn.com So that all the mails coming to other accounts can be seen from one account only i.e. www.bsnlums.com.

Can we send the message or mail distributed to a number of subscribers? How?

"Dial ‘17000’, and #, dial mailbox ID and #, enter the password. Press 3 to modify then press 3 for list and the press 2 to create and then follow IVRS instructions"

What is SMS?

"Communicating without actually talking, that’s what this service is all about.. SMS enables you to send and receive messages to cell phone across the world"

How can one sending and receive SMS?

For reading SMS press Menu ànd go to Message and select “Inbox” and select read the message by up-down button and hang up to come out.

Flash and Blink messages?

The service helps you to make your message more effective

Flash SMS?

A flash appears directly on the phones screen instead of the inbox. It is an alternative to normal SMS when you want to catch the recipient’s attention immediately. The recipient has the option to save the SMS to his inbox.

What is the maximum length of SMS message?

Maximum lengthy of SMS is 160 characters alpha-numeric. But messages of more than 160 characters can also be sent in parts of 160 characters

What are SMS charges?

You will be charged 60 paisa per outgoing message. SMS is available in all the countries where cell-one has roaming arrangements. The successful delivery of messages will depend upon the network of the alliance par.

Troubleshooting / handling problems: Phone is not working properly?

Possible reason: SIM card not inserted properly. What to do? Insert SIM properly. Possible reason: Battery low. What to do? Recharge / replace battery

Troubleshooting / handling problems: Unable to make calls?

Possible reason: Weak signal What to do? Move to an adjacent location where coverage is better